Leslie is a highly devoted yoga practitioner and teacher. She is a registered nurse, hold’s a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, a published author, social media consultant and loves helping others shine.

She has completed 4 different yoga teacher certification courses, accumulating more than 900 hours of teacher training. Leslie has been studying under the guidance of the beloved Tim Feldmann, world traveling yoga teacher and Miami Life Center Director for years.

She has offered numerous yoga | meditation workshops across the states. Leslie has also committed herself to realizing the truth of our being through a daily practice of meditation | stillness. She has attended a silent retreat; completed The Art of Meditation and Philosophy of Enlightenment courses taught by world renowned spiritual teacher Adyashanti.

Leslie has been featured on Plano Profile magazine, has been asked to take over the City of Plano’s Instagram account and she is currently collaborating to offer a community yoga class in her hometown. She is a global ambassador for Sahajan Skincare, DINO apparel, Yogi Surprise, and Anima Mundi Herbals.

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