Leslie has a love/hate relationship with writing. What motivates Leslie’s writing is her dream to share her message with as many people as possible. She envisions her writing as “shared journaling,” a means to foster trust, openness, and acceptance.

She likes to delve into topics that many people prefer to keep secret and are reticent to discuss. Having observed that many blogs only want change, she wonders when acceptance became a dirty word or a forgotten pursuit. Leslie wishes to explore the deepest, most revealing facets of life together with her readers and students. Journaling has been a part of her own healing and transformation, so Leslie finds this form of communication with others to be inspiring and authentic.

Creative Grapefruit Breakfast Bowl

The inspiration for this bowl was centered upon the tasty citrus grapefruit and I must say it's A Real Winner! What you will need: ????1 peeled Grapefruit (and as you peel the little jewel, see if you can really be present with the process, feel your fingers dig into...

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Facing A Pushy Friend?

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where other people believe and feel that they know what is BEST for you? I experience this often, I silently wonder what I am doing or saying that is creating this type of scenario. It got me to thinking ... I understand it is...

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Eggnog Turmeric Latte

Eggnog Turmeric Latte 12 oz water 4 oz coconut milk HolidayNog ???? 1/2 teaspoon AnimaMundi Turmeric 2 medjool dates 1 small piece vanilla bean A pinch of Himalayan sea salt Blend top with your choice of frothed milk or nut milk A sprinkle of cinnamon (oh I forgot to...

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The Impermanence of Fog

The fog it's dense and heavy but yet in the moment it fosters stillness Its mysterious nature creates a space for pause ... An opportunity to be in the present We gaze For what is on the other side? Perhaps we already have the knowing, but that does not cease our...

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Poblano Passion Sandwich

  You will need:  A couple slices of multigrain (or your choice) bread Coconut oil to smear onto one side of each bread and add into skillet 1 to 2 slices of Monterrey Jack cheese (organic) Filling for the sandwich 1 poblano pepper chopped into small pieces (remove...

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Mouthwatering Acai Bowl

  The first time I tried one of these delectables was after an ashtanga class in Miami. We made our way over to a little hole in the wall joint that makes--the most amazing acai bowls ever. Thank you Miami! You will need: 1 fresh banana 1 cup frozen berries (your...

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Sassy Somewhat Nutritious S’mores

  The cooler weather has caused me to have a craving. I have been dreaming about S’mores. But I wanted to put a healthier more creative flare on these tempting treats. So here goes-   You will need:  7 whole non-GMO graham crackers ¼ cup organic coconut oil About 1...

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Bursting Blackberry Juice

Get a healthy dose of vitamin K Bursting Blackberry Juice A heaping handful (or two) of fresh blackberries2 organic apples cut into large pieces1 juicy lemon peeled1 zesty lime peeledA handful of fresh mint leavesThumb size of fresh ginger root Juice it all together &...

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Need a Little Nectar?

5 tips from a therapist -gift yourself some "me" time! -realize that other people's thoughts and suggestions are always vibrating around you, stay strong and choose you...your truth. -shower your soul with stillness (at least 5 minutes) -allow whatever feelings appear...

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3 Ways to Put a Little Lift in your Heart

-5 minutes for 5 days:Turn off ALL electronic devices, sit face-to-face (with legs almost touching), willingly make eye contact, and just be present with each other. Allow thoughts, emotions, fears, secrets, desires, dreams, and silence to come through in these 5...

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Boldly * Nourish * Your * Soul

-Slather on some organic grape seed oil; offer yourself a 5-minute self massage. (Kneipp offers a Grape Seed Oil Anti-Cellulite Body Massage Oil)   -Write out your all time favorite quote, frame it, then hang it as a constant reminder.   -Create a fun recipe that is...

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Watercress Pomegranate Crunch Bowl

Watercress Pomegranate Crunch Bowl With tequila lime vinaigrette   To make vinaigrette you will need:   The juice of 1 small lime (about ¼ cup) 1 overflowing Tablespoon of tequila 2½ Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1 teaspoon white wine vinegar A bit of honey...

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Poppin Walnut Basil Pesto

Growing basil in north Texas is super easy as long as you have some sunshine and a commitment to water at least every other day. I simply love the satisfaction of going out the back door and grabbing a big heaping handful, not to mention it helps deter mosquitos.   I...

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