Leslie has a love/hate relationship with writing. What motivates Leslie’s writing is her dream to share her message with as many people as possible. She envisions her writing as “shared journaling,” a means to foster trust, openness, and acceptance.

She likes to delve into topics that many people prefer to keep secret and are reticent to discuss. Having observed that many blogs only want change, she wonders when acceptance became a dirty word or a forgotten pursuit. Leslie wishes to explore the deepest, most revealing facets of life together with her readers and students. Journaling has been a part of her own healing and transformation, so Leslie finds this form of communication with others to be inspiring and authentic.

Open Hearted Loss

Open Hearted Loss  As I approach 42, I am grateful that life continues to teach me! I have experienced many losses and each one has taught me, tried me, and humbled me. These losses have caused me to embrace discipline and spirituality. My Mom once said, “I know why...

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Flirty Fall Figs

Flirty Fall Figs You will need   Mission figs 4 (or more), halved   1 tablespoon ghee   ½ teaspoon Manuka Honey   A small handful of toasted and finely chopped organic walnuts   A sprinkle of organic toasted shredded coconut (Unsweetened or sweetened)   Preheat oven...

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Sunrise Meditation

  Sunrise Meditation   Take a deep expansive breathe in through your nose, hold the breathe for at least 1 second.Then open your mouth, and fully sigh the breathe out.   Now inhale through the nose, breathing in #gratitudeHold the breathe and pause for a moment,...

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Apple Sandwich Recipe

The Send me Back San Juan Islands Apple Sandwich Recipe   While cycling around the majestic San Juan Islands, my mouth and heart met this yummy recipe. The islands and this sandwich will forever be stamped into my soul. There were plush purple lavender fields...

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Asparagus Sandwich

I am in love with clean vegetarian sandwiches! I have been on a mission to create and share all of my favorite concoctions. My inspiration for this recipe was derived from the famous chef, Scott Gottlich. My husband came home for lunch today and told me he never...

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Q & A | Sharing My Inner Light

Q & A | Sharing My Inner Light “Don’t you know yet? It is your light that lights the world” –Rumi When I began this mysterious journey of finding my inner light, I was rather foolish. For years, my intention was solely on connecting to the light, but I have come to...

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Trusting in Wonder — Learning from Infertility

  In the wee hours of the morning, I am awakened as my mind abruptly connects to my physical body. I shallowly breathe in. I inhaled longing, hoping, praying, bargaining, grasping and searching for understanding. Why me? Why this? I feel the visceral pain of wanting a...

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Tips for Improving a Committed Relationship

     These are a few of my favorite things to share with others living in a committed relationship. I have learned them through marriage counseling, working as a marriage and family therapist, and 11 years of experience in my own second marriage.      Be friends first...

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Am I a Workshop Junkie?

  Picture this: While surfing online, I suddenly realize that I have overlooked a cool, not-to-be-missed Yogi who is heading my way, offering the most captivating workshop ever. It’s going to be epic, kick-ass, and life-changing.  Plus, five of my closest yoga friends...

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10 Self-Care Rituals from DFW Yoga Instructors

  I asked 10 Dallas Fort Worth yoga teachers to share their daily self care rituals. What a great way to start a New Year.     1--Bandhas: Abdominal cleansing - Uddyana Bandha, Agni Sara, Mula Bandha, ashvini mudra and nauli kriya I had poor digestion before yoga. My...

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