Bridget Bardot

Bridget Bardot

-Slather on some organic grape seed oil;

offer yourself a 5-minute self massage. (Kneipp offers a Grape Seed Oil Anti-Cellulite Body Massage Oil)


-Write out your all time favorite quote, frame it, then hang it as a constant reminder.


-Create a fun recipe that is all yours (even if it is a flop, no one has to know).


-Crank up your favorite tunes, dance & sing (find freedom).


-Take a solo road trip with yourself (you know that place that seemingly calls you by name).


-Clean up your workspace (clearing the clutter creates an opening for newness and expansion)


-Indulge in those special flowers, the ones that speak directly to your soul!


-Get in nature with the intention of sheer pleasure.


-Open your heart to forgiveness.


-Connect to stillness; observe a sunrise or a sunset.


-Invest in those legwarmers that you’ve been eyeing- and wear them proudly. 


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